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Susle Melnick

"Working with Susie has been transformative. She maintains an artful balance of professionalism, honesty and true human connection in her work. With Susie, I felt the freedom to be as broken as I have been, and the safety and space to work towards healing and wholeness. She is not just a practitioner and healer, but a comfortable, honest presence who can challenge even as she honors you. The Rubenfeld Synergy Method -- the combination of talk therapy and bodywork, is a perfect medium for her. I have been awestruck by the depth and intensity of the bodywork and never questioned or doubted that Susie could guide me through it. I have the utmost respect and deep gratitude for Susie and the time I have spent with her. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has experienced trauma in their lives and is willing to do the necessary and difficult work of healing."

"Susie's tremendous talent in working with the Internal Family Systems therapy has changed my life. Through the use of this technique, we teamed up to adjust my internal belief system, opening me up to new possibilities and a happier, more joyful reality. I can’t thank Susie enough for her dedication to improving my health and point of view. Susie's deep compassion and attentiveness, combined with her great skill make her a rare gem."

"Susie is a warm, caring and loving person. Her skills and intuition make her an outstanding therapist, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her. Susie is truly a blessing. The Rubenfeld Synergy Method is an amazing and enlightening tool used by Susie. The method is a holistic approach addressing and integrating the body-mind connection."

At a particularly low time in my life, I felt lost and defeated and quite exhausted trying to stay afloat. I was despondent, and scared. Although I had seen other professionals before and thought I knew what to expect, it soon became clear to me that Susie’s method of treatment is very different and unique. Her attentiveness, and lack of judgment, combined with her spot on intuition and her ability to listen, hear, and SEE me for who I am, is extremely comforting. Her depth of understanding and ability to analyze a situation never ceases to amaze me. I always leave her office feeling more grounded and hopeful. I am completely in awe of Susie’s professional, artful and caring manner and consider myself lucky to have found her and will be forever grateful."

"The qualities I have enjoyed over many years of working with Susie are her patience, empathy, honesty, and sense of humor. I particular appreciate her down-to-earth quality and lack of pretense or dogma. As a result of our work together, I enjoy life more and feel increasingly more accepting of myself, more willing to try new things, and more confident in my abilities and decision-making."

"In my four years of working with Susie, she has been extremely helpful in all aspects of my life, including personal, professional, and mind-body connections. With Susie’s compassion, knowledge, and support, I have been able to tackle very sensitive issues with many positive results. I would recommend Susie to anyone who wants a better way of living."

"Susie combines experience with genuine concern and maintains clear boundaries. She provides a safe atmosphere for healing, and sticks with you to the end."

Susie Melnick

"About every 10 years or so I would go into therapy, and after a couple of months my therapist would ask why I was there. We would end our sessions. With Susie, through bodywork and affirmation of all my “parts”, we are still working together almost two years later, and I know why I am in therapy. I have become a happier person with greater acceptance and understanding of my past and myself."

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