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Rubenfeld Synergy Method:
What Is Body Psychotherapy?

Your body couldn’t survive without your mind, and your mind needs your body, too!

So basic, yet in our culture we often split our consciousness of the bodymind. We know our emotional states and mental attitudes affect our physical health: stressed, anxious or depressed people tend to have higher blood pressure, get sick more often, and suffer from a variety of physical aches and pains. What is less well known is that our physical well-being, including our general state of fitness, posture and nutrition can have a profound effect on our emotions and mental abilities.

Rubenfeld Synergy Method

In traditional talk therapy, we work with our thoughts and feelings, and if we’re very lucky, over time, (usually a long time…) our bodies may end up feeling less stressed and happier as well. With Rubenfeld Synergy, we work with all of ourselves. As you lie on the table, (or sit in a chair,) you bring awareness to your body, learning to notice and then release habitual holding patterns. Rather than talking about your feelings, you actually feel them. Imagine the difference between describing a delicious meal and actually eating that wonderful food!

Rubenfeld Synergy Method is effective because it combines talk and touch. You can learn to feel and release your feelings instead of just talking about them.

Sometimes I may just gently touch your shoulder, using my touch to communicate my support and presence, and to help you to become aware of that part of yourself. If, for instance, you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, your awareness of this may increase. At this point, I can help you let go of that weight, if you choose, or you can simply notice it and see what you want to do with it, or where in your life you learned that it was your job to carry the weight of the world.Rubenfeld Synergy Method In addition to this gentle and powerful "listening" touch, I may also move your body in gentle ways, designed to help re-align your body in order to promote energy flow and healing.

What makes Rubenfeld Synergy so powerful is the combination of the bodywork and body awareness with talking and processing your thoughts and feelings. It is truly a philosophy of life, reminding you that your body is your greatest companion with an amazing innate resilience and self-healing capacity.

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